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Led recessed ceiling lights

Brand : OEM

Product origin : China

Delivery time : three weeks after deposit for one container(20')

Supply capacity : 2000 pcs/day

Main Parameter:

Model no: LD-50303

Frame color: Matte white

Material: aluminum

Installation: Recessed

Cut-out size(mm): ¢55/¢75

Wattage (w): 3*1W

Input voltage: AC 100~240V 50/60Hz

Led chips: San an/ Epistar

CRI: ﹥80

Lifetime (hours): >30000

Luminous (lm): 220

Product size(MM): ¢68*43/¢86*43

Certification: CE RoHS

MOQ: 50pcs


Led recessed ceiling lights with aluminum heat dissipation shell, under normal circumstances, there is no problem of radiating. However, if used in heavy dust, dust should be regularly to prevent the dust cover the radiator, the impact of heat. Led recessed ceiling lights has a strong anti-vibration ability. As long as not a violent impact, generally will not cause damage,but may have a certain impact on the soft board. The traditional fluorescent lamp is glass,inside close to the vacuum, vibration may cause an explosion, with particular attention to vibration.

Installation Notes:

1. Due to led recessed ceiling lights stress situation different,so in some cases need use screw fixed lamps.

2. Due to lamps is relatively heavy, when installed,please notify the relevant engineering personnel under the conditions of the ceiling hardness of the purchase of expansion screw bolt or lengthened reinforcement screws, the installation of the corresponding force screw.

3. Led recessed ceiling lights belong to electrical products,installation must have experience and related documents to help the professional electrician to help install the master,in order to avoid unnecessary security incidents. Led recessed ceiling lights in the fixed installation test before the test light.

4. Installation led recessed ceiling lights before the installation of the entire circuit must be check in order to avoid leakage phenomenon, resulting in personal safety, before installation to find a professional electrician to install,not privately installed.

5. Make sure that the operating voltage of the lamp is correct before powering on the lamp. Miswiring voltage may cause permanent damage to the lamp.

6. Installation led recessed ceiling lights should be avoided in the heat source and hot steam, corrosive gases in place, so as not to affect life expectancy.

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